Ascent Announces Nil Deductible/ Zero Excess

publish date : Sep 2017

We are delighted to announce that with immediate effect, we will be providing nil deductible/ zero excess to SME clients on our CyberPro US, Canada, UK, Ireland and Australia products.

It will be available to all new and renewal SME clients which fit within normal underwriting criteria, including business transacted through our OPTIO platform. The nil deductible/ zero excess will be subject to clients opting to use our pre-approved vendor panel and selected service providers. The move is a value-added benefit for clients, giving them access to our panel of experts which have unparalleled expertise in handling cyber-related incidents.

Ascent's vendor panel consists of market-leading firms offering a complete range of expert assistance such as breach response, computer forensics and legal counsel, enabling incidents to be resolved swiftly and equitably at minimal cost.

Offering our clients nil deductible/ zero excess policies and access to our expert partner vendors ensures they incur zero cost at the point of claim, while receiving the best possible advice that allows claims incidents to be closed down as swiftly as possible.

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